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A Very Personal Profit-Producing Note From Dean...

Ok… The TIME Has Come. - I hope You Are Ready! (Cue Mysterious Music… Heheheee!)

FINALLY... After nearly a Quarter Century of​ Real 'EXPERIENCED' Coaching & Helping People GET REAL RESULTS In An Industry Best Known For Our Failings, (What Other Industry Is KNOWN for It's "Starving Artists"???) I have Been Delightfully Overwhelmed With Ernest Requests To Coach, Mentor & Help More People, But My Coaching Programs Have All Been SOLD-OUT for Well Over 15 Years Now! (I'm NOT Complaining Mind You...) BUT...

​I simply Do NOT have any more time to give for That-Level-Of-Access Except for My Platinum Members,
But after 15 years of being Sold-Out & Booked Up Solid... But The GREAT NEWS IS...
MAGIC Mentorship Opportunity For Your Business Success!"

The "VIP, Money Making Marketing
M.A.G.I.C. Mentor Membership" Program...​

Ya’ know, over my lifetime I have been “both” BLESSED WILDLY - and - Wildly Blessed With “GROWTH Opportunities” (also known as 'challenges'. Hehehehe!) To LEARN Even More n' More about this amazing business we all love so dearly! - - And BOY HOWDY Did I LEARN! (THAT Is a GOOD Thing! - Especially For YOU!)

Oh SURE... I have certainly enjoyed all the expected ‘UPS’ and ‘DOWNS’ in my career AND in life… (It's Called "LIFE" for a Reason! - Ha!) with each comes a Special Kind of Experience and Wisdom that simply can-not be Bought or Taughtit must be “CAUGHT” at the hands of Real-World EXPERIENCE! - - And LOTS Of It! - - (Yep...REAL EXPERIENCE!)

Today, for YOU, my ‘very personal, private and privileged group, of family and friends’ I share the a lifetime of the accumulation of Over a Half-Century of Real-World “Living Out Loud” along with well over Four Full-On Decades of Experienced Business Insights as-well-as over a Quarter Century of Helping Thousands of People Get More out of their Lives and Business… (SOLD-OUT For Over 15 Years!) and yes, I am both proud & privileged to have been so richly blessed by it all!

I am Deeply Humbled AND Outrageously Honored to be able to Share My LIFE in ‘Showand in Business’ as a performer, presenter, passion-professional, a serial profit-producing entrepreneur and business results and success money-making mentor.

Having been blessed to have ‘Been-There, Done-That’ both Personally & Professionally as well as Aggressively Testing and APPLYING a Million (Plus) Dollars of Invested Insights and into my own ‘on-Growing’ education and life experiences from select truly transformational trainings, experienced experts as well as exclusive array of hand-picked mentors... I totally understand the power of an ‘accountable experience’ and the real results they produce!

I am NOW ready to finally unveil, for the first-time, an Authentic Gifting of My Entire Life’s Work as a performer, presenter, trainer, speaker, teaching author, expert, serial entrepreneur AND success mentor… for YOU my exclusive family of passion professionals...  I'm laying it all out!

A Full LIFETIME of Experience and Results... WHAT'S THAT ALL WORTH?​

AND For The FIRST TIME in nearly Two-Full-Decades, I am able to finally offer such an exclusive and incredibly comprehensive success support program that can make a profound and massive impact and difference in your life and in your business!

I don’t share all of this to ‘impress’ you, but rather to “Impress Upon You” that, with help, you can have the life, and lifestyle you've dreamed about and deserve! - - I've PROVEN It In My Own Business(s) Many Times Over As Well As Duplicated It In Others All Over The World.

So the only real question is... Do You Want More Cool Information "OR"
Do You Want REAL RESULTS Getting From Where-ever You Are To
Where You WANT To BE Making More Money Doing What You LOVE?!

=> SERIOUSLY; Please REALLY Take 10 to 15 minutes To Read This Special Letter that I have lovingly prepared For YOU (YES... 10-15 Minutes to Change Your Forever For The Better! ...It'll Be SO Worth It!) and see if You ARE Ready To Take Your Business Success To The Next Level and it’s a win for you to come along side of us with well over 40 Years of Experience and well-over 25,000 real live success solutions and outcomes!

Please Enjoy My Special Communique’ Exclusively For YOU Below!
Shhhhhhhhhhhh... PLUS a VERY Special Deal JUST For You!

I am, as always, at Your Service and In HIS Service,
~ Deano In Reno

Make SURE You Stick Around and READ All The Way Down As I have A VERY SPECIAL Chance To Work With Me Now!

...Even If You Have Tried ‘Everything’ And Haven’t Got The Results You Know You Deserve!!

"Finally... Discover The PROVEN, Profit-Producing Success Support YOU Deserve!"

Hey There… it’s Dean Hankey Here; Deano in Reno... "The DEAN of Success!" - - In the next few-short moments I’m going to show you how you can benefit from leveraging the real-world, result-getting experience and insights of a 40+ Year veteran (and even a bit of a renegade) Show (AND) BUSINESS Professional & Full-Time Performer That CAN Finally Help YOU to Make More Money Doing What You Love!

Sound Interesting?

Never before has there been such a honest, open, transparent and duplicateable process so complete 'and simple' that literally YOU Can use it to Make More Money Doing What You Love, even if you’ve struggled to Get More Gigs… up to now!

Oh and YES, even if you’ve never made any real money in this business before.

Because with this proven process and program you don’t need to be an established, full-time performing professional to Make More Money Doing What You Love.

This easy-to-use, step-by-step, ABC, 123, paint-by-numbers system is so effective that you could Make More Money Doing What You Love in as little as 90 Days Or Less from now and all you need to do is follow a few proven methods and learn a few easy steps.

Hey I Totally Get It… I Struggled To Get More Gigs!

I could tell you stories that would make your toes curl...

You know what? - I’ve struggled with the exact same fears and frustration and embarrassing lack of results you are likely now facing… (or at least... RESULTS You WANT!) and until I got some real-world experience and figured out some important distinctions, including the fact that I needed help, making real money in this business! THAT definitely wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for me. - Hey, if you like me, I'm sure we've all tried following the advice from times of the basic business books, seminars, workshops, trainings, creative courses, and so-called experts and gurus, but NOTHING was working! - Frankly, it was embarrassing and making me angry!

I am a bit ashamed to tell you that I was flat broke, (Heck, I hade to climb-up the side of a gutter to get back to just flat broke! - I OWED Money all over the place!) I was living out of the back of my old 1970's Chevy Pickup truck and I was trying EVERYTHING! (Or so I though anyway...) DUDE... I even moved to Hollywood… 2 blocks from the Magic Castle on Franklin & LeBrea' with an old high-school Magic buddy of mine!

Frustratingly, instead of things getting better, things seemed to be deteriorating right before my very eyes. - And by the way... HE even got "The GIRL" as well... Daaaaaaang!

REALLY?! It was BAD... I mean REALLY BAD! - - Funny... I had even had a good bit of success up-to that time in my life... but none of that mattered In that 'pit of despair', RIGHT?!

Hey... I guess I had to learn the hard way that "Every Master Was Once a DISASTER!" - And I had the corner on the market at that point! (Hehehehe!)

Like ME, Do You Suffer From Any Of These Experiences?

  • In spite of your deepest desires, you Just Don't LOVE Doing All The Marketing or "BUSINESS" of Show Business! (Or are at least not getting RESULTS You deserve after everything you've tried!)
  • You’ve worked extremely hard, but your efforts and options thus far have let you down.
  • Trying to Get More Gigs is too much work and takes a ton of time from important tasks you need to be doing.
  • You can’t live the life you want unless you earn more income!
  • So-called experts have lied to you as they tried to sell you their COURSES with promises of Glory!
  • You can’t afford to gamble your money and your time any longer on untested opinions, theories and silly systems that just don’t work!
  • You’re sick of being offered convoluted strategies that only work for ‘the other guys’ who are already established, or what-ever.

I Know EXACTLY What You’re Going Through I Went Through All Of That And MORE as Well! - I got and bought EVERYTHING I could get my hands on!

HERE is the dirty little secret that
'Info-Marketers' DO NOT Want You To Know...

"You DON’T Need More Information, Courses or Products...

RIGHT? - That Obviously Makes Perfect Sense!

Be HONEST With Yourself... (it's ok... no one is watching you now...) I would be willing to wager that you have, at-least a few, if not MANY Marketing and Business Development books, courses, audios, video trainings sitting around on your shelves and/or on you hard drives... with most of them collecting dust (digital dust or otherwise) am I right?

Listen, IF having "INFORMATION" were the key to success then we'd ALL be rich and famous wouldn't we?​ The internet is FULL of 'information' and yet I get people begging me for help every single day... we ALL know that it's NOT just information alone that will get you there!

THAT is WHY, for the most part, out of the literally thousands of success support products I have created only 4 or 5 are even available for individual purchase anymore... It's been that way for a long while now BECAUSE I KNOW that too many will 'consume' the information but fail to implement to the degree it really changes their life and business success!​

THAT Does NOT Sit-Well With Me At-All... UNACCEPTABLE! - That'll Never Do!​

In case you've missed it before, HERE ME NOW! - - I want MORE for you and your success that to simply 'peddle piles of paper products' (Digital Or Otherwise!) - - You see,  I TRULY Long for Your Success... I REALLY DO So The ONLY way to access 99% or my proven, powerful, profit-producing success training is to ​gain access to "ME" Personally and Directly! Join one of my exclusive, closed-door, member accountability family groups because of what the greatest achievers in the world all know to be true... ACCOUNTABILITY WORKS! - You will simply do more for other that you will likely ever do for yourself... all by yourself!  Like it or not, understand it or not, it just is what it is... the pure and simple fact of life and success!

THEN Add Proven Guidance and Mentoring... NOW you are Finally Getting Somewhere!​ - THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT!

Without this proven guidance and accountability eventually real disappointment and frustration will get the best of you and you will give-up... my guess is if you are here and reading this, you KNOW what I am talking about!

The GREAT News Is That Proven, Powerful,
Profit Producing Solutions DO Exist!

I get it... I had experienced so much failure, I wasn't sure how much longer I could endure even-though I LOVED what I wanted to do... It's called having a DREAM, Right?! ...and that is: Get and DO More Real, Paying Gigs Doing What I LOVE! BUT it all seemed so hopeless!

The GREAT NEWS IS... over time, experience and lots of real help from experts who were actually GETTING the Results I wanted, I eventually discovered a few killer consistent systems & strategies that turned things around... drastically! (and fortunately, quite quickly!)

Once I discovered a few of the "right systems and strategies", I simply changed the 'wrong things' I was doing into the ‘RIGHT Things’ and within a VERY Short Time (Like LESS Than 90 Days!) I was able to make huge gains and profit-producing progress in my business and began Making More Money Doing My ‘DREAM’, Doing What I Love all while Helping Others To Do The Same… and Not Just ONCE, but over and over and over again... and I haven't stopped or looked back ever since!!

I finally was able to achieve what I had always dreamed of! - - I could now quickly and almost effortlessly get all the results I was looking for, which had eluded and frustrated me for so long! - ALL While Helping Others Get more Of What THEY Want, Need, Desire and Deserve, which makes people REALLY HAPPY to WANT to do business with You!

NOW I can make all the money I want... Any TIME I want... AND Real Buyers LOVE ME For The Real RESULTS I'm Now Able To Produce For Myself, My Family and Everyone I Do Business With!

Let's just say I sleep really well at night knowing I get to do what I LOVE to do while serving others in genuine and outrageous ways! - The very definition of "WIN! WIN! WIN!" in Business and in Life!

This LIFE-LONG, Real-World, Road Tested Experience and Insights was (and IS) such a simple, yet POWERFUL game changer for you that you’ll be able to actually LIVE the Lifestyle You’ve Always Dreamed Of, Doing What You LOVE and Getting Rewarded Wildly For Entertaining People Who Will Love YOU and Book YOU Time and Time Again!

As soon as I noticed that this is something you can replicate, and more over... Imagine a business where you NEVER have to hear "NO" again! - I wanted to (No… I HAD TO!) share it with anyone who would listen!

Those who have discovered theses simple secrets (Well NOW more like… “PROVEN METHODS” Actually) have been shocked by how effortlessly they are duplicated so you can now Make More Money Doing What You Love as soon as you take these replicatable actionable, methods, mindset and outcomes and apply a few proven principles, effective systems, strategies and money making methods to your business right away!

Sounds COOL, Doesn't It?!?

The BEST news is... Even people who doubted themselves because they don’t like or feel they are very good at all that “BUSINESS” side of Show-Biz stuff are now enjoying wild and amazing success!

Please Don’t Take MY Word For It...

Tony Dhillon Real Estate Professional  Qlsd, AU

 A very special Thank You for adding massive value in my life... Your are legends and worth your weight in Gold plus more! - Thank you for being awesome!

Glenn TwiddleMillionaire Renegade Real
Estate Marketing Coach

I want to say a few words… I attended an EXTRAORDINARY, 9 day seminar in the USA a few months back, and this guy (Dean) was SO good, I HAD to drag him back here (Australia) to meet you guys.

That's $15,000.00 Dollars and 30 Hours Round Trip and DEAN Hankey Was Worth The Price Of Admission... ALONE!

He is THE most unique trainer of Outrageous Marketing I have ever seen, and even makes ME look tame and I pride myself on being the most outrageous marketer in the game.

Hey when agents ask, send them to Dean Hankey!!! (He's the legend who innovated that marketing piece) He's The BEST On The PLANET!

Glenn Twiddle
Millionaire Renegade Real Estate Marketing Coach
Producer / Speaker / Author / Coach

“Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten!”
Australia’s Most Phenomenal Success

What if there was a way that I CAN Show You How To Get More Business, Make More Money and Serve More People based on over 40 years of REAL Road-Tested Experience and well over 25,000 Real Live Paid Success Solutions?

What if I could prove to you that getting more of what you want while doing what you love IS, in fact, much easier that you are making it out-to-be right now?

What if you NEVER Hear "NO" from a qualified buyer ever again?

Let me take a quick moment and give you a little historic perspective here...
For nearly two decades now, my private coaching membership programs have been 'sold-out-solid' WITH an application waiting list just to get an "interview" to be invited to even 'potentially' be accepted to join us...

Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day and though I LOVE Helping literally thousands of people get more out of life and business through my proven products, coaching, member programs, speaking, seminars and workshops, books, videos, trainings, articles, postings and all that kind of stuff, BUT as far as Exclusive, One-On-One, Personalized Platinum Coaching, I just don't have that kind of quality time and dedicated focus that it would have to take to add that many people to my exclusive, executive high-level, platinum, inner circle access program at a reasonably accessible investment for most people...

Keep in mind, That doesn't stop people from applying and ASKING for all kinds of HELP! - - Oh sure, I like tho think I'm a good guy and I certainly do what I can, but to be fair to my existing high-paid members, I'm kind-of in between a rock-and-a-hard-place...

It BROKE My Heart! - Honestly I REALLY WANT To Help! ...and More Importantly; I KNOW I CAN HELP!​

I've been serving up success and helping others for over a Quarter Century... I KNOW I Can Help!​

I racked my brain as to the best ways to serve-up a "Solution that would Rock With RESULTS" because the requests became more frequent and desperate... Good People Needing Real Help... AND it all became impossible for me to ignore! - I simply HAVE TO DO SOMETHING To SERVE The Need & The Success Of More People!

I thought that "There MUST be 'SOMETHING' I can do! - I have TONS of proven, profitable programs, real-deal content and courses, member products that sold-out at every event I spoke at... a full quarter century of coaching thousands of success business... surely I can pull something together and help people like you with families like yours get more business... make more money and serve more people!"

Then I was chatting with a former student, friend and trusted mentor/advisor of my-own (YES, I have mentors as well!) and I was explaining the dilemma ...he knows my heart and he helped me to unpack the right answer and solution that is a super-duper WIN for EVERYONE who needs help growing your business bottom line with out breaking the bank while increasing your Influence, Impact & Income in significant and extraordinary ways... Right NOW!

ALL while showing YOU How to Get PAID Very Well To Do What You LOVE...
Helping Your Audience of Buyers Get More of What THEY Want, Need, Desire and Deserve!

Dean Hankey The DEAN of $uccess!

Finally Introducing...
Over 40 Years Of Business & Result-Getting Experience and 25,000 Real-Live Success Solutions Including  Our Exclusive, Platinum Coaching Over The Last 25 Years... as well as our Sold-Out Success for nearly that long...  I am excited and honored to present...

Your EXCLUSIVE, Closed-Door, Total Success, Group Mentor Membership!
For a 'FRACTION' of The Cost Of My Platinum Member Coaching!

This IS My Life's Worth of RESULTS Up For Grabs...
NOTHING Is Held Back! - What's THAT Worth??

"My Very Personal 'Heart & Hard-Drive' Access & Commitment To YOU and Your Success along with My Life & Experience In Show (&) Business Literally At YOUR Disposal & Fingertips!"

Here’s Just 'Some' Proven Ways You’re NOW Going To Quickly & Easily Learn To Get More Gigs Doing What You LOVE While Making More Money & Serving More People! (Which IS kinda' the POINT to Business After-All! - Duh!)

Unprecedented 'Access' and Proven. Powerful Support and
EXPERIENCE Means You Can Get Real Help & Results NOW!

Proven, Profit-Producing, Step By Step Guidance and Sold-Out Success Member Insights, Resources, Tools, Templates, Assets & Information So There is No More 'Guesswork' as to What Has Proven To WORK Time & Time Again! - Direct, Very Personal Access To "My Heart And HARD-DRIVES" so that you can Get RESULTS FASTER Than You Ever Though Possible! - Pretty Much Everything I have To Help You SUCCEED! Nothing Is Left To Chance!

REAL, "Been-There, Done-That Access To Experience" All at Less Than The Price Of
ONE Good Gig so you are able to Make More Money Right Away

The BEST NEWS is that in this super-powered training and success support environment I can help you get what you want EVEN MORE!​

​...but how can that be? EASY, In THIS Environment I can now invest 2-20 hours of my proven expertise each week working on your and your business success AND I Can invest almost ALL of my Proven, Profit-Producing Training, Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring  and Result-Getting Time, Experience and Expertise On YOU and Your Outrageous Business Success So YOU Can get MORE REAL RESULTS... and not just more 'information'. - - COOL?

Theses ARE the EXACT Same Proven, Powerful Profit-Producing Mentor/Coaching Success Support Insight​ & Experience That My Platinum Inner Circle Members Get, But Pay a MINIMUM of $10,000.00 To Enjoy!

=> LISTEN... You can DO THIS! - You don’t need anything other than Yourself, Your Decision, Desire To Succeed in a Massive Way, The Dedication To Take Action and and a super simple computer connection. - - Sure, there is Real Effort that is required, but you are going to work hard no matter what, and time will pass regardless, so you might as well GET REAL RESULTS for the time & effort invested! - - Besides, there is practically no real learning curve, (Told You It Would Be Simple!) just follow the proven action steps and you'll be on your way!

This is More About Mentoring & Coaching ACCESS and Accountability That Produces RESULTS!

The good news is, you don’t need a pile of real in-depth prior marketing and business knowledge or experience. That is kinda' what we're here for...  (You DO need as Great DESIRE & Product, Service or Solution That You Can Possibly Deliver... DUH!) No longer will you feel burdened by struggling to Get More Gigs, Doing What You LOVE and Making More Money!

Charlie Fass Illusion Magic Productions

I have to admit that for a few days after our on-line event I did nothing except read and go over all the things I was supposed to be doing.

Yes, I am doing great. You know.....ever since our little "pow-wow" a week ago, my magic business has been growing big time. - - I have landed a couple of local commercial contracts and have created quite a buzz in enough areas where things are happening!

It is all due to your teaching about giving people what they want. Simple, but very effective. - - Well, this week I made the decision to put in some action behind all the "thinking". I picked up the phone and made a few calls. - - The thought that went through my mind over and over was "what can I do for others". As of today I have several things happening.

This concept really works!

It is all an attitude on my part and from now on I have changed my attitude! - - Thanks to you, Dean, and you guidance… my business has never looked better.

Thank you so much for your direction and teaching. Blessings to you.


By Now, You Must Be Wondering About The Money?

The thought could, even SHOULD have entered your mind: "Will this cost too much?"

​That’s a more than fair enough question, considering all the alternatives out there that try to promise a similar result.

You’ve probably already considered these alternatives:
=1) You could pay someone a mind-boggling fee to do it for you... 

  • You have to gamble your money and hope the person delivers quality...
  • You wait for weeks or months while they take their sweet time concentrating on too many tasks at once...
  • Worst is the cost. You pay through the nose! (generally fees exceed $5,000!)

=2) You could pay a trainer a high hourly rate to give you ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’...

  • You take on huge financial risk not knowing if the person is qualified...
  • You’ll still likely need to study and practice for hours every day for months before even your first attempt...
  • You’re looking at a bare minimum of $300.00 to well over $3,000.00 (or More) per session for personal coaching. - Heck, My Own Private Mastery Coaching Programs 'Start' at Over $10,000 Theses Days! (and THAT is if you pay in advance!)

=3) You could take on the entire burden yourself...

  • Well we all know the painful experience of defeat and failure of trying to do all this yourself!
  • It takes weeks to months, even years and a whole lot of effort with less-than outrageous results...
  • Sure it’s ‘free’, but what if you placed a dollar value on your time? How much is a month worth to you? - What is it COSTING YOU try to figure it all out on your own and by yourself?

When confronted with those costly options, you could be hesitant to realize your problem can be solved reasonably.

...you can relax, because now there is no need to empty your wallet.

A Quick Overview & Sneak-Peak
At What's INCLUDED With

  • Amazing ACCESS To Over 40 Years of Real World, Duplicateable Success RESULTS!
  • Member Licensed, 'Instant Author' Success Expert Products, Templates!
  • Get 'YOUR' Specific Business Questions Addressed & Answered During Live Success Q&A Member Only Calls & Events!
  • A Full 12 MONTHS of Training, Events, Tools & Success Support!
  • Lifetime Access To "The Dean's List, Your University Of Success" Private Member & Expert Community!
  • Private, Closed-Door Mastermind Calls & Events! (and Surprises!)
  • Access To Expert Interviews! Learn From Industry Leaders, Producers & Experts Share What WORKS!
  • LIVE 'Secret Society Success Summit' Event Tickets! - LIVE 2 Day Immersion Success Summit Training Event In RENO! (REAL Training... NOT a Pitch-Fest!) $2,500 Ticket Value Each!
  • REAL "Software Success Systems" To Make Your Life Easier and Grow Your Business FASTER!
  • LIVE Webinar & Tele-Success Seminar Training Events That Rock With Real Results For YOU & Your Business!
  • Top-Secret, Closed-Door Success 24 Hour 'Secret Success Society' Community Access With Experts & Like-Minded Professionals!
  • Amazing Kick-Butt Accountability & Coaching! 
  • Member Tools, Resources, Gifts, Bonuses & Template Access Downloads!
  • Spotlight and Hot-Seat Events! Discover How The Real RESULTS Of Others Can Grow Your Business!
  • "+1" Team Member Access! Invite One of Your Key Team Accountability Members To Participate in all Virtual Trainings!
  • A TEAM of Real Success Experts!

Daaaaaaang... READ THAT AGAIN! - SERIOUSLY! - - I'm Giving You Almost ALL I've Got... and I've Got Allot! - - This IS My Life's Worth of RESULTS Offered-Up For The Taking... No Holds-Barred!

I'm Passing Along A​ LIFETIME Of Proven,
Powerful, Profit-Producing RESULTS.
What's THAT Worth Theses Days?

PLUS: Over $7,000 in 100% Sold-Out Library Of Success Courses, Trainings, Products, Tools, Assets & Information Outlined Below In The BONUS Preview in This Letter!

I Literally Unpack My "Heart & Hard-Drive" and Give You Just About EVERYTHING I Have To Give Here!

So... What About Some Of Those Extra $7,000+ In Rock Solid BONUSES!?

When you JOIN The "V.I.P. KEYS to Your Money Making Marketing M.A.G.I.C. Mentor Membership!" today, ("VIP-M4" for short) you are receiving as a Bonus, “Profit Maximizer Academy, Success System Training!” valued at (and REALLY Selling For) an additional $2,497.00 All By Itself! - It's YOURS Completely FREE when you join the "VIP-M4" Now. - This bonus makes it even easier and faster to Make More Money Doing What You Love!

Selfishly... I am including this high-value business success training so as to level out the playing field, so everyone has a fighting chance to really make it big in business and in life because I LONG FOR YOUR SUCCESS!

So What Kind Of Real RESULTS Can I Expect?

  • * Define Your PASSION! * Do Your PURPOSE! * Discover Your PROFIT! - No More Of This Confusing State of 'Go Along To Get Along' Kind Of Crap! - - Finally Uncover What The Truest PASSION & PURPOSE of Your Business And Marketing Is and How To FINALLY Leverage It For Wild and Outrageous Success! - LIVE YOUR DREAMS!
  • "M.A.P." Your Very Specific Step-By-Step Business and Marketing Direction! STOP confusing your target audience any longer! - It's Costing You BIG-TIME!
  • Discover Your "Unique Solutions Advantage"! - YOUR Very Unique VALUE Proposition That Only YOU Deliver & How To Share It Is Such A Way That You Are Finally UNDERSTOOD & Your Audience Finally Just "GETS-IT"! - - Your 'U.S.A.' Will Impact EVERYTHING You Do In Business Success In Very Powerful Ways!
  • Understand and Apply The Stealth Physiological Principles of Powerful Persuasion & Influence In Almost Hypnotically Gain Cash-Baring-CONVERSIONS Like Never Before! - THIS Alone Is Worth MORE That The Full Tuition For Access To This 'Secret Success Society' and Member Mentorship Family! 
  • Make CONNECTIONS As You Network With Like-Minded Super Achievers! Winners Who Are Committed To Success JUST LIKE YOU ARE! - Who KNOWS What Kind Of Relationships You Find & What Kind Of Alliances You'll Form!
  • Discover The REAL "Magic In The M.I.S.T!" - Exactly How More Money (Than You Ever Thought Possible) Is Generated Through 'Multiple Income Streams' as well as'The Magic Of Merchandising' and MORE! - Make Really BIG BUCKS Having Buyers Begging You To Sell Them YOUR Products, Services and Solutions Like Magic!
  • Uncover The Secret GOLD Mines Found In Totally "NEW Markets" Where No-One-Else is Even LOOKING, Let Alone Marketing or Working! - BE The Stand-Alone Expert In Untapped Markets! - Imagine ZERO Competition! - What's THAT Worth?WOW!
  • HERE'S a BIGGY: Discover The Money Making Methodology That Will AutoMagically Cause YOU To (Really WANT-TO) Take More Action and Get More DONE In Less Time Than Everyone Else... and it's NOT some lame 'motivational mojo' that only fades as soon as your first distraction pops along! NO-WAY!
  • How About "Resurrecting The DEAD" on your List? - There Is A VERY Special System I Use To Re-Juvenate, Re-Engage & Re-Activate Long-Gone Dead-Weight Back To Rabid Responders and Even you BEST BUYERS Once Again!
  • UNDERSTAND and Master THE High-Tech Tools Made High-Touch Weapons Leveraging AUDIO, VIDEO & The WEB Creating Super Powerful IMPACT That Converts Like Crazy! - - Best Of All... I'll Make It So EASY, You'll Be Sick You've Missed All The Money That You've Left For Other To Grab-Up! - NO MORE... It's All YOURS Now!
  • THIS WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD! - I Am Personally Going To Reveal My VERY PERSONAL, Proven Methodology For "Getting To YES" Almost Every Single Time and How I Never really Ever Hear "NO" From Qualified Buyers With "THE MOST IRRESISTIBLE" Offer & Opportunity... and AND They Will Not Only LOVE YOU For It, They Will Become Your Biggest, Most Evangelical Fan Telling Everyone About YOU! THIS Alone Has Proven To Make Millions... NO JOKE!
  • The Number ONE Thing You Are REALLY Getting is "ACCESS"! - Remember when I told you that "You Don't Need Another Product Or Course... What You NEED is RESULTS For YOU and Your Business! - THAT is What I am Offering & DELIVERING Here! - - ACCESS To Nearly a Half Century of EXPERIENCED Results Outcomes Not Only In MY Business(s), but in Thousands of Others That I Have Coached, Mentored Taught & Served To Get Massive WINS In Their Business As Well! - Indisputable RESULTS! - THAT Is What You Are Signing Up For!
  • ...There's MORE! -TONS MORE! - How Can I Possibly Begin To Outline Over 40 YEARS of Life Changing Coaching, Transformational Training Success Outcomes In A Short List Of Bullet-Points?!?!?!? - I CAN'T!

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Godfry The Magician

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