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CONGRATULATION Fellow Joel Bauer Master Graduates and WELCOME!

Here are You FREE Top Secret Graduate Gifts Exclusively For The Elite Group Of Real Achievers! We are an exclusive family of members who call Joel our Wealth Mentor and Transformation Coach. – – Here is one small way I can help contribute to your massive and on-growing success, all with Joel’s training, influence, learning and leadership! – Thank YOU and Welcome To The Most Elite & Exclusive Success Family In The World!

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 “MASSIVE ‘Hollywood In A Box,
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VideoSuccessSetFIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST! We’ve all heard it said that we never get a second chance to make a first impression and with the Profit & Persuasion Power or New Media (Audio & VIDEO) online being so prevalent this is all the more true with our online video and audio production… AND IT’S Super EZ to Go Pro! (NOW it is anyway!)
Finally, a Mind-Blowing, Massive Media Production Suite of tools, loops, FX and killer professional resources to make your media production a breeze! – Click and drag into place and your good as gold with thousands of dollars in proven resources at your fingertips, creating powerful video and audio media is a snap! – AND Profitable!



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BONUS – Video Magic Interview: (And Transcripts!)

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MEGA $uccess Graphic
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Hey YOU… Yeah YOU! Come Closer… I’m going to tell you something a little bit scary! – – Here is a Top Secret ‘Law Of Success’ that your competitors don’t want you to know about: (or more likely don’t even know themselves…YIKES!) You see, In the world of Proven, Powerful, Profit Producing Persuasion Power, (by The Numbers… Over 77%!) MOST of all people are strong “Visual” buyers…

In simple marketing terms; MOST filter life and are influenced through their EYES

Over 600mb of Content!

Over 600mb of Content!

This is MEGA-HUGE, yet it is the single most overlooked portion of our overall influence and marketing process… NO LONGER! – – “Powerful, Personal Marketing & Branding” (Highly Visual & Congruent) is one of the most important factors in our overall and long-lasting success!

“He Who Is The Most Clear, Congruent, Persuasive & Powerful WINS!”

WECOME TO: Your New “Massive Mega Money Making Magic Marketing Graphics Dept In A Box!”

This Exclusive Member’s ONLY Library of Graphic Branding and Marketing Tools will help you and your Massive & Congruent Influence and Persuasion Process that you apply to ALL of your Massive Marketing RESULTS!
Powerful Report, Proposals, eBooks all professionally laid-out with Amazingly Cool Templates that all you have to do is cut n’ paste your own Proposals, Web Sites, Marketing Reports, Flyers, Downloads, BOR, Give-Aways that ALL are professionally produced at the click of a mouse! – Now THAT is EZ!

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Want To Persuade and Influence with your Message through Print/Copy Like Show Biz Celebrities?? You Simply MUST know how to serve and influence with your writing if you want to be successful!

“Killer Copywriting Tips
That Kick Butt & Convert Like Crazy!”

Here is a killer set of super simple, yet Powerful Copy-Writing Tips The ROCKS Training Guidebook that has a TON of real-world examples that walk you through proven, powerful, persuasive, profitable copy (principles, training and examples) you can USE To GROW Your Business Right Now!
A Balanced art of the “Print Persuasion” Equation is not just pretty pictures… Your ‘COPY’; The WORDS you use to convey your mission and message, are Equally Important… Actually… MORE Important! – MUCH MORE!
You Simply MUST have at-least a practical, applicational understanding of how to compose effective copy that converts! – The better you become at ‘copy-writing’ the more effective you will become at crafting compelling communications that CONVERT into Cash! (Or Communications Outcomes… what-ever they are!)

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[standout fx=”highlighter”]BRAND NEW:[/standout] “Amazing ‘CLICK-BUTT Money Making Marketing M.A.G.I.C. MEGA Graphic, Promotional & Print Persuasion Success System‘ Membership Templates & Resources To Create Super-Simple and yet VERY Powerful and Professional Marketing & Promotional Materials That ROCK With RESULTS!”
ClickButt-Master System
“REAL Money Making Marketing MAGIC For Your Print Persuasion and Promotion Marketing Needs!”

WOW… Finally, For The First Time Ever For Business, Entrepreneurs and Enterprise There is An Amazing M.A.G.I.C. Marketing and Pro-Motion Success Weapon and Result Getting Tool That Allows Anyone To Create Custom “CLICK-BUTT” , Hand-Outs, Line Sheets, Sales Pieces, Posters and More all At The Click Of A Mouse Button With ZERO Real Graphics or Desktop Publishing Skills or Training Required!
If You Can Open, Type and Edit a Super Basic Word Processing Program, YOU CAN HAVE ASTOUNDING MARKETING, PROMOTIONS & ASSETS THAT ROCK WITH RESULTS! Professional Marketing Is NOW Within Reach With Proven, Profitable, Professional (Yet Simple) Templates That You Can Simply Click and Edit!
Quickly and Easily YOU Can Have Amazing Promotion and Tools For Your Business So YOU Can FOCUS On What YOU Do Best Run Your Business!
* It’s EASY!
PERFECT For Your All Your Digital and Print Marketing Projects!
Announcements, Line Sheets, Sales Pages, Event Posters, Book & Report Covers, Business Handouts and MORE!

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– Click Butt Marketing Magic System Templates & Resources!
– Click Butt Marketing Magic Report With Killer Copy Samples!
– Click Butt Marketing Monster Rolodex Access to OVER 20 MILLION Graphic Resources!
– BONUS! EZ Book & Report Templates That Rock!
– BONUS! Logo Library Master Templates!

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Attention Graduates:  You are receiving theses Super-Secret GIFTS exclusively because you are a “Joel Bauer” Master Graduate… THANK JOEL! – – If you have any questions please connect with me (Dean Hankey) DIRECTLY and DO NOT Bother Joel… he serves us so massively as it is. – – Simply eMail me and let me know how I may be of value, service, support and encouragement with your gifts… with thanks to Joel!
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