"The MOST Effective, (Well Known, But Rarely Applied)  Systems & Strategies For Making a Ton of EXTRA Money at Gigs!"

Make MORE Massive Money Doing What You LOVE!!

Dear Performer Friend and Success Colleague,

Have you ever wondered how the most successful performers on the planet make all that money? It's easy to say that they do it because they are a big-time star. Their name allows them to work bigger shows, sell more tickets, get more money.

Sure, it helps, a little, but there has to be more to it than that, after all, there are only so many hours in a day, so many events to be done, so much money to be made as a performer! And besides, with those big shows come the big expenses of renting the facility, buying bigger props, paying for the truck and crew. When all is said and done they aren't making that much from the show, BUT THEY ARE STILL GETTING RICH.


How is it that David Copperfield, Criss Angel and almost all other successful professional performers, famous or not, is doing something that you are not? All these other performers make literally Thousands (or MILLIONS) of extra dollars every year regardless of how much they actually perform?

There is a secret! Well... Actually, that's not quite true. There is a METHOD! At least One BIG THING that they know and DO that allows them too make a ton of money while most performers are barely getting by. The answer isn't hard work, in fact they probably work less than you. - It's not that they are famous, sure it can help but there are some performers that are so nondescript only their mother knows who they are, but still they make loads of money using this METHOD.

In just a minute I will reveal how they do it...

The problem is when I tell you, most performers, no matter how successful they want to be, no matter how much they desire to make more money will shrug their shoulder and say silently "There has to be more to it than that, it can't be that easy." And because they believe you have to work hard to make money they will miss the point... AND The PROFIT! 

Probably only one magician in 50 will realize the value of what I have to share and only about half of those will act on it. The rest of them will go back to doing the same old thing they've been doing and then whine when someone else makes it big instead of them.

Which group are you part of?
It May Take a few more seconds to find out how to make the money you want to make ...Or are you content knowing you could do better but not taking the steps to do more?

Keep reading to learn how to change your performing career forever….

The secret METHOD, the one thing THEY know, that helps them make all that extra free money, can be summed-up in One Money Makin' MAGIC word: "MERCHANDISING!"

Yup, simply selling stuff!

By now you're probably saying "Okay, but I have a question…"

"If this Money Makin' Strategy if it is All That Profitable Why Is It That Most People Do-Not Take Advantage it?"

EASY: There are usually three basic reasons that most performers don't take advantage of this killer profit center and generate amazing business success. - Fortunately all three are either not true or super easy to overcome.

* First Reason: It's EXPENSIVE to develop and come-up with a professional product!
* Second Reason: It's TIME CONSUMING to create something and hope it 'might' sell!
* Third Reason: It's a HUGE HASSLE and incredibly HARD TO DO!

You need to come-up with and AWESOME and unique HOT SELLING and professional product That FLIES off The Shelves! - Sure, you could get some shirts screened, posters printed or buy a box of those really plane, old-fashioned, stock coloring books from the circus print-house or some out-dated clip art and try and piece it together into a usable product that might actually sell! (Easier SAID Than Done!)

All that wasted money, lost time organizing all the details and waiting for everyone else (artists, designers etc…) to get back to you, is a huge hassle and will cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to create! Not to mention that you are missing-out right NOW by not having it already done and selling at your events and gigs! - And what's worse; Why WAIT?!? If You Want To Make Money NOW... FAST! (As Soon as Today!)

As few as Twenty years ago there was no choice... If you wanted a professional looking unique product that YOU could sell at your events & shows you had to do it all yourself, OR hire an expensive design professional or team at thousands of real dollars. - Either way it was guaranteed to be Time Consuming & Expensive... AND Ther was no guarantee that it would actually sell! - The good news is that all that work and expense is "so last century", I'm talking buggy-whips and rotary-dial-phones old!

GREAT NEWS: There Is An Easier Way!
A killer, profitable, proven, instant money makin' solution just for you!

Ask yourself this one important question:

"Why in the new-world would you spend all that time, money and all those headaches when there is a super quick, PROVEN and inexpensive option available to you right under your very nose?"

That's right… it's ALL DONE FOR YOU in a Super-Simple, Hassle-Free, Low-Cost, 100% Proven, Profitable Money Makin' System That Will Produce RESULTS Your First Time-Out!!

How cool is THAT?

Imagine for yourself, this Powerful, Proven', Profit Producing System right at your finger tips… all ready to go, including the proven experience of over 30 years of real, road-tested success including well over 25,000 live paid appearances. YOU benefit from my experience, my mistakes, so you can profit right away!

"Your Abra-KID-Abra System Can Deliver These Spectacular Results:"

=> You'll hear your happy audiences and ecstatic clients clamoring to literally stuff wads of cash into your hands to get a copy of your stunning, customized merchandise to take with them and enjoy!

=> You will know what it feels like to GET PAID loads of "free found money" while promoting your business all at the same time!

=> You will see your wallet and bank account bulging at the seams while your friends and clients smile as they walk away with an interactive memento of you and the great time you had together!

Sounds great, right?

IT IS! But, Please, Don't just Take My Word For It

“This Package Is A Genuine, Money Makin' Machine!"

"Dean Hankey Does It Again!

Dean's Abra-KID-Abra book is an absolute MUST if you want a KILLER stream of income for your performing business. If you're not currently offering products at your performances, you're leaving a TON of money on the table.

The artwork is nothing short of spectacular. The book can easily be customized to fit your individual needs. But the real "capper" of this deal is the "over the top" ideas and strategies that Dean provides with the licensed book. This information is priceless all by itself! Together, this package is a genuine, money makin' machine!"

~ Scott Lowery

PLEASE, simply do your own due-diligence and discover for yourself how simple and hassle-free it is to own "Your-Own" royalty-free licensed, instant author system that you will be proud to place your name on! -This amazing, stunningly beautiful activity, magic & coloring book is the finest available in the market today!

A few simple questions:
          - Are you looking for more ways to add to your bottom line income?!?
          - Are you looking for ways to improve your stature as well as the respect you receive at each and every gig?!?
          - you interested in making money while you sleep with-out having to really WORK at it?!?
          - If you are flat-out NEED to make more money for the time and talent you invest?!?

…then you simply must soak-in every word on the following few pages that will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible!

“A Turn-Key Way To Dramatically Increase Your Income!"

"Abra-KID-Abra is THE tool school show performers need to tremendously increase their income. School budgets are limited and you can only raise your fees so high, but this license gives you a turn-key way to dramatically increase your income. There are so MANY ways to profit from it. And Dean Hankey has given us the COMPLETE SYSTEM for making more dough than you can imagine. It's way under priced so I suggest all school show performers get it NOW before the price increases."

~ Chris Egelston
Reach For Success Programs

What IS "Abra-KID-abra" and What Do I Get anyway?

>> "Abra-KID-abra!" is designed in a full page, 8.5 by 11 format. I choose the full-page layout because it is proven to be THE MOST PROFITABLE FORMAT! I have sold "Abra-KID-abra!" individually for as much as FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER BOOK! And have consistently sold them for Five to Seven Dollars each in Back of Room Sales & Merchandising! Plus I reveal a method I used to generate Ten Thousand Dollars in just one deal. (MORE than just once!)

>> You get a fully customizable, full-color cover that you can add your-own name and contact information! YOUR OWN instant author book! - It's Beautiful!

>> You get a really cool, totally customizable 'standing border' that you can use to add your-own additional art, marketing, magic, offers... what-ever you'd like to make it 100% individualized! (The same standing border art is used though-out so the entire book, so you get a consistent look!)

>> You get 14 stunningly illustrated and designed, full-pages PDF's of Magic, Information, Activities, Puzzles, Word Connects, Mazes, Optical Illusions and other Fun-Stuff! (Of course you can add as many pages as you like using the free standing border supplied!) This book will impress YOU and your clients, and make you look GREAT!

>> You get it all "100% Licensed and Royalty Free" to print and sell as you like! (YOU Keep ALL the money from your sales & promotions!) ...and KEEP 100% Of The Money!

>> You get 'individual' PDF's so that you can arrange the book in ANY order you like. Add pages or delete them... do with it what you like for maximum RESULTS! - You can even use them as independent pages for coloring contests or other events.

“The Difference Between Success and Failure in Business!"

"Abra-KID-Abra!" is excellent! Both the design of the pages and the support information that is provided are superior to anything else I have seen. I am not only a magician but also a business and promotional products consultant. Products like Abra-KID-Abra are often what makes the difference between success and failure in business. The entertainment industry is lucky to have Abra-KID-Abra and Dean Hankey."

~ Dwayne Faux
Top Banana Events!

Just a few of the ultra-valuable pages you receive with the Abra-KID-Abra Program.

This is singly, the most stunning and well-crafted "instant author" licensed member product available that will make YOU TONS of money!

This is a BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED and designed coloring, activity and magic book that you can sell, get sponsors for, use as a premium, give-away or up-sell. It will add to your arsenal of awesome promotional and positioning tools that will make you more money doing little more than you are already doing. Little to No extra work, just MORE Money, Gigs & prestige cuz this is (as far as your public can tell) YOUR very own custom 'Instant Author' coloring & activity book!

It Offer you the ability to simply:
o Place Your Name on the cover!
o Have You listed as the author
o Sell/Place Your Advertisements!
o Any/All Your inserts!


It is your book to sell and make huge profits from immediately!

It's Been A Fantastic Add-On... It's GREAT!"

"It's been a fantastic add-on for my birthday shows. The birthday kid always
gives a huge smile and the kids in the audience fill the air with ooooos and
ahhhhs. It's great!"

~ Jack Turk
Turk The Magic Ginii

And, as good as this sounds, there's still more…

Just by having and using the PDF masters of the Abra-KID-Abra book you will be far ahead of your competition. Every time you go do a show you will have the opportunity to earn hundreds of additional dollars. And, as good as that is, with the right information those hundreds of additional dollars could become thousands. Guess what…
Critical information you need is included... Killer Training Info Report Reveals:

"The Outrageous Money Making Marketing Secrets Of The Highest Paid Performers And Entertainers!"

Unlock the vault to the most financially rewarding systems for getting paid
a bank-load 
of EXTRA money while doing what you already love to do!

This full-blown insider information will show you "How To Make Buckets Of Money" using the insanely simple Abra-KID-Abra success member product license!

>> DISCOVER the super-successful, promotionalists, most coveted inside secrets, such as:
o MASTERING the art of profiting with individual, seasonal and annual sponsorships.
o How to run successful and profitable joint ventures.
o Making tons of money with back-of-room sales!

>> Uncover the real inside scoop on using "Abra-KID-abra!" as a profit center for yourself and others, including the actual developed, tested, tried-and-true information for instantly profiting from your very-own winning jackpot!

>> EARN while you learn! Produce huge piles of crisp, fresh, green CASH using all the tips, tricks and secrets for successfully selling of your own, customized "Abra-KID-abra!" as one of many profit streams!

>> CREATE multiple streams of income for 'instant' profits or long-term, ongoing residual income!

>> HAVE the lifestyle you've always dreamed of virtually over-night because your license includes EVERYTHING you need! - It's ALL DONE FOR YOU so you can start profiting and promoting RIGHT AWAY!

>> ENJOY all the benefits of nearly 50 YEARS of insight and experience so you can speed right past any pitfalls or business death-traps. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.

This bonus training information alone is worth MORE than the "entire licensed 'profit-making' Abra-KID-Abra system!"

The entire program costs less than what you could make in one single transaction using this program!(And that's on a really 'bad' day!)

“Totally Awesome... This is a GOLD MINE!"


" I couldn't wait, I printed out a 'sample' copy of the Abra-KID-abra book, it just blew me away. I also went to Kinko's today to print out 'good' laser prints of the Invisible Magic Dust art and booklet once again this is a GOLD MINE."

~ Dr Rick Allen PhD
Allen Direct Publishing

And there is more…

Remember, this is an individually licensed exclusive member product and profit center, complete with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create your very-own, fully developed and incredibly unique HOT SELLING PRODUCT virtually with-out having to do a thing!! (Some simple printing at home on your desktop if you want… that's all! You don't even 'HAVE' to do that!)

YEP, it's an "Instant Business" and profit-center as well as the single most unique, (custom imprintable) proprietary promotional product ever created specifically to make your business ROCK!

Everything is all done for you… beautiful custom art, already created templates (That you can "customize" for your own business!) all done for you and ready for you to profit from immediately!

I know what you're thinking…
"So what, I could just do all the work, hire an artist and steal the idea for myself?"

Well, I guess you could…

You certainly don't need US to have already done for you. Though to be honest... "IF" You could, have, you WOULD Have By Now, but You Didn't! WHY IS THAT? Well, for starters, It's Huge Hassle and VERY EXPENSIVE! (It WAS For US... Which is WHY We KNOW You NEED This Profit-Producing Success Shortcut!

This COMPLETED... Amazing & Beautiful, Magic, Activity and Interactive Coloring book and information success system is truly stunning and was created at the hands of some of the very-best artists, product creators and success professionals anywhere in the business! ~ It Has PROVEN to Work and Sell For Well Over 30 Years Like Magic!

...and the BEST part is there is No 'guess-work' or Trial By Failure here!

Beside, could you, or better yet; why would you, invest all the time and money it takes to create this type of quality product aaaaall by yourself and on your own?? - Not Likely! - As I said, If You Could Have, You WOULD HAVE, but You Didn't.

And even if you were willing to invest the time and (huge) money to create a proven, powerful, profit-producing product on your own WHY would you want to discover by trial-and-error all the secrets of making a program like this actually work? - Especially considering what I am offering this entire license for? (A Miniscule FRACTION of Trying Doing It All On Your Own!)

Doesn't it really just make more sense to travel down the virtually no risk path that has been cleared for you" by experts in the field of success already?

Which way makes the most sense to you??

NOW is your chance to create massive success with YOUR Very Own "piece of the profit pie" by owning a Success License for "Abra-KID-abra!" ...and ALL the unlimited proven profit producing power, success insights and real results for less than the price of a nice evening out!

That's right, the tiny investment in a Fully Developed & PROVEN Independent Business (Remember, This is NOT Just Some Coloring Book! It Is A Complete Business Success SYSTEM!) at your fingertips for about what you would spend of a nice dinner and possible show! (Heck ONE Ticket to Good Show Would Likely Cost MORE!)

“It Works Great... Exceeded Their Expectations!"

"Hey Dean!

THANK YOU for a killer idea! I inaugurated this technique after a couple of shows this past week (one of them was this afternoon). It works great and is excellent reinforcement, for my client and for me, that I met or exceeded their expectations!"

~ Joe Libby
Joe Libby Events & Seminars

But WAIT... There's MORE!

FREE BONUS, fully "stand-alone product and profit center" all by itself that has made me way more than the measly investment in just ONE deal!

THIS FREE ADDITIONAL Bonus has made me MORE Money that the entire cost of this complete success system many times over!!! YOU can make with "JUST This One Free Bonus", literally LOADS of instant cash, along with all the promotional and on-going profit-making opportunities included with the just this one FREE BONUS!

Here is what you get with your "Abra-KID-abra Magic, Coloring & Activity Book" licensed profit-making success system!:

  • Full Format, Full Color, Customizable Covers for your own instant author profit making system!
  • 100% Fully Licensed and Royalty FREE Re-print & Re-Sell Rights! (Keep 100% of The Money!)
  • Fourteen full pages of killer designs that will impress you beyond belief and make you impressive amount of money!
  • Individual files so that you can arrange the book in any fashion you like for maximum profitability!
  • Totally customizable Standing Border that you can use to make the book completely yours and unique complete with you special offers and contact information!
  • An incredible, no-nonsense report that reveals how I've made literally truck-loads of cash in so many ways your head will spin right off your shoulders! (This ONE strategy alone can make you a FULL-TIME income!)
  • A 100% FREE BONUS, that "all by itself" has made me many-times MORE money than the entire license investment itself!
  • How you can make thousands of dollars BEFORE you spend a penny in printing & get your "Abra-KID-abra!"© books printed for FREE!!(...and still make massive money!)
  • How to make thousands of dollars with "Abra-KID-abra!"© and NEVER have to print, distribute or sell a single copy yourself! (…but you CAN make more money EXTRA when you do!)
  • How to turn you "Abra-KID-abra!"© profit making system into a completely different, additional money making income stream that has produced piles of free cash out of nowhere instantly! Also positions YOU as the ONLY, "Go-To EXPERT" in your area!

...you simply can't ask for more!

All this for only a one-time license of only $197 for your COMPLETE Success and Profit Making System!

The choice is yours, so take ACTION NOW and get started on your road to independent business success with this super easy, profit making, powerful success solution that will position you as the ultimate business solutions provider in your market!

So, who wants to become the true and definitive leader in your market TODAY?

“Everything Has Already Been Done and Tested!"

"Just wanted to chime in and offer my recommendation for Dean's Abra-KID-abra activity book.

Very nicely done and very customizable.

I am a big fan of the "Instant" author book variety. Why re-invent the wheel? There's no need to try to create a "better mousetrap" in this regard because everything has already been done and tested! Might as well benefit from others' hard work and real-world experience.

And don't feel guilty because you're paying them for that hard work and experience! (Although the investment is usually ridiculously small for all the work that goes into it...)

Speaking of hard work...writing a book is VERY laborious. Remember writing a 12-page report in school? Remember how difficult that was for some people? Now multiply that by 20 and you have a decent-sized book or course.

I am currently working on my third course and let me tell you...I love being an author, but I HATE being a writer!"

~ Tim David
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Performer & Business Success Coach

GET Your AbraKidAbra Coloring, Activity and Magic Book Member Success System NOW!

Please do yourself a favor, and do not mistake this information for mere 'sales hyperbole' and in miss out on this instant profit making and promotions opportunity! - I promise you, you will be sorry when your competitor has taken the action necessary to instantly and profoundly profit from "Abra-KID-abra!" - ACT NOW and WIN BIG!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Dean Hankey

Marketing Magician
& People Pro!

Abra-KID-Abra Success License with ONE-TIME LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of Only $197
I Will PERSONALLY Hand-Deliver Your Success System When You Invest In Your Success! Not Some Digital System!
(Usually Within Less Than 12-24 Hours By Direct eMail & Download From Me Personally! - Results@DeanHankey.com)

Do it NOW!

I am at Your Service and In His Service,
Deano In Reno

This is so EASY it's like having a baby come up to YOU and GIVE your his candy! - REALLY, Do it NOW!

Serving You and Your Success, 
~ Deano in Reno 

Rev. P. Dean Hankey
"MARKETING Magician & PEOPLE Pro!"

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